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Who We Are

WHAT IS YOUR ACCENT? is a platform designed to connect consumers to culture, fashion, and artisans in the African Diaspora.  Our mission is to bring the talent and stories of African artisans and designers to the global market.  We design, produce, and curate limited edition, statement pieces, locally sourced and made by Africans for the culturally conscious consumer.  For us, it is important to know where our clothes come from and who makes them. 



what is your ACCENT? creative/production process

WIYA Promo Video

WIYA Pop Up Shop Recap

What We Strive To Do

African Fashion

Design products and work with artisans, seamstresses, and tailors from Africa.  Discover indie and emerging designers committed to sourcing and producing products in Africa.

Cultural Integrity

Inform each other of the influence of cultural traditions on fashion and its origins, intent and meanings

Business Empowerment

Develop business empowerment resources to build sustainable enterprises ready to compete in the global market

Artisanal Story-telling

Connect you to artisans around the world by travelling to where they live and capturing their lives on the ground

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