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Who We Work With

Sulley Adokor

Entrepreneur / Master Crafstman

Bolgatanga Region, Ghana

Sulley Adokor is the owner of Sulley Adokor's Tailoring Shop in Accra, Ghana. Hailing from the Balgatana Region in northern Ghana, Sulley has gained has decades of experience working with textiles to make backpacks, handbags, and accessories. Sulley is dedicated to being a master tailor and designer for his 7 apprentices. His customers span across West Africa, Europe, and the United States. 


Leather Artisan

Bolgatanga Region, Ghana

Thomas is a leather artisan from the northern region of Ghana, where many of the best leather across the country is derived. He is the craftsman of our Origins Tote bag and works with Sulley Adokor to produce our Premier Satchel Collection. Thomas is one of the top apprentices in Sulley Adokor's Shop in Accra.

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